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How to make a cosy home

Adding Texture Cosy Home Cushions and Throws

Cosy n. Warm and snug; comfortable.

One of the things I'm asked about most is how I make our home look so cosy.  And the answer is TEXTURE and LAYERING.  And LIGHTING.

I'll come to Lighting in another post. 

Cosiness can be achieved in any home, whether it is a country cottage, a farmhouse or a modern home.    

One of the easiest ways to add texture, warmth and cosiness to your home is to add throws and cushions.  It's a brilliant way of creating a brand new look to a room and for adding that cosy warm vibe.   I love both fine throws and chunky throws for different looks and the two can be layered together very effectively indeed. 

Let's look at this image.  This shows our ivory chunky knit throw layered with our grey chunky knit throw on a single chair.   See how the addition of texture really softens the look of the arm of the chair. It creates interest and warmth.  

 Ivory Chunky Knit Throw

The picture below shows our bell tassle throw.   The fact that this throw is reversible means you can place it so that either one side or both sides are visible. The gorgeous bell tassels add a further interest and the beautiful softness of the throw adds a cosiness that makes me want to just sink into it.

Let's turn now to the lighter weight throws - below is our Polka Dot Two Way Throw.

Grey polka dot super soft throw

Again this throw adds interest and texture.  Simply placing a throw over the arm of a chair for decoration is highly effective.   

When we choose our throws for you we pay huge attention to the feel and look of the throw.  We want them to be super soft, cosy and stylish.  We want them to look fabulous in any room no matter the colour of your decor, which is why we stick with neutral colours.    And we choose throws which will go well with our cushions

And of course throws are not just for sofas and chairs!  We *love* throws on beds as shown here - whether one throw, or two! (Pictured below is our grey tassle throw with polka dot throw.)  Love love *love* the texture of the tassle throw agains the polka dot. 

Cosy throws

Don't feel you have to have your throw completely flat either! - The hint is in name - throw it!  You can be creative to get the look that you wish - we love showing the reverse sides too! 

It's interesting how simply adding a throw or cushion can really transform a bed, chair and living space.    One thing I do here at Spring Farm is switch things out - so I have red throws and cushions for Christmas, and then I switch then out for shades of greys for the rest of the year which I love!

Oh!  And do you think throws are just for beds, sofas and chairs?  I often pop one on a table for interest.   Here pictured on our wicker table tray with our Sphaera Pine Cone.


Decorative pine cone

Try it and see!  We are all at home, so let's create a cosy space!




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