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The rise in popularity of artificial flowers and how to style them

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In recent years the artificial flower has risen hugely in popularity.   We love fresh flowers and often have them in our home but we also great quality artificial flowers.   An artificial display makes a wonderful focal point, which doesn't need tending, and won't wither or die.  

We love how you can change the look to suit seasons or just to switch up the colour very easily by just purchasing a few new stems to add to an existing arrangement. 

Here we have our beautiful White Meadow Rose stems in our Anastasia Grey Jug.  These are absolutely stunning and are gorgeous just on their own.  This gives a simple and understated yet elegant display.

Meadow rose stems in grey jug

Consider the size and shape of your vase as that can make a difference to the look of your display.  

In the display below we have Meadow Flower in Lilac, Blossom Stems and Grey/Blush peony roses.  These have been placed in our stunning Aurelia Vase. This makes for a really gorgeous and natural looking display with impact which would look amazing anywhere in your home.   We keeps ours on our kitchen island.  We love that to change the look we could simply switch the peony roses for some Pink Ranunculus if we wanted to brighten it up.

The trick with artificial blooms is to stick to no more than three different colours and then add greenery.  Keep it simple with colour - In this display we have used whites, lilac and blush.

large wild display in grey stone vase

Of course you can display artificial flowers anywhere in your home and you don't have to worry about their longevity.  

If you would like a bright and cheerful display then our Pink Ranunculus are perfect - shown below together with our Grey/Blush Peony Roses.  We love this combination. It's so cheerful!

Pink Ranunculus


Don't forget that you can always cut the stems of your artificial flowers (we use wire cutters), to have them suit the vase you would like - here we have cut down some of the White Meadow stems to add to our Peony Roses.  These are displayed in our white milk churn pot.

peony roses in white jug

Good quality artificial flowers are obviously key and we love that ours look so beautiful.  We are very particular at Spring Farm Interiors and we never provide anything that we don't absolutely love.  There is no denying that adding a beautiful display of artificial blooms can look incredibly gorgeous and gives a homely feel.

We keep our selection simple and ensure that all blooms complement each other - you can browse and purchase our flowers by clicking here.





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