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We are so thrilled to have launched Spring Farm Interiors - a boutique online home decor and accessories store.   

Our style is influenced by the countryside, and we offer a range of rustic and contemporary products to suit your home.   Making a home cosy surrounded by things you love is something that we think is very important, particularly during these times when more than ever, we are spending time in our own homes.    

We use only the finest suppliers and we pick our products very carefully indeed.  We pick products which will look beautiful alone, but also spectactu

Our business is run by mother and daughter team, Melanie and Amelia.  

About Melanie

Melanie had a career as a lawyer for many years, but after the birth of her daughter she decided she wanted to be around for her daughter's childhood.  She therefore launched a new career as a professional photographer.   She still runs this business.   However due to Covid-19 there are times with lockdowns when Melanie cannot photograph as photography studios are classed  as "non essential" and Melanie will not take risks with her clients.

During the first lockdown, Melanie and Amelia were discussing their passion for home interiors and from that Spring Farm Interiors was born.   

In her spare time Melanie loves baking, spending time with her family and socialising with friends.  

About Amelia

Amelia is an 18 year old Upper Sixth student currently studying for her A levels.  She has applied to study law at university.    Like her mother, Amelia has a love of home interiors.  Her interests include the sciences, baking and drama.   In her spare time Amelia loves to socialise with her friends.

Here we are:



We hope you will love shopping at Spring Farm Interiors. We can't wait to provide you with beautiful items for your home.

Melanie & Amelia



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